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Into Arda

Author: freckles42 (freckles42 on AO3)
Story: Into Arda
Genre: Time-Travel/AU/fish out of water (gen)
Warnings: realistic depictions of biological processes and medieval sickness
Word Count: 18k and climbing (the story is not yet finished, but is thoroughly underway!)
Summary: Carmen is an artist who's learning to blacksmith. Her boyfriend, Malcolm, is a PhD candidate in history. What do two modern people really do when tossed into the middle of the War of the Ring? How do they survive with moderate camping skills? What do they do with their technology and foreknowledge? How does Carmen, a medium-skinned Puerto Rican, deal with racism in Middle-earth? Can they learn the languages? Can they deal with Middle-earth hygiene? Can they come to grips with the truth of their situation?

Notes: I have seen plenty of "modern person in Middle-earth" fics. They tend towards one of two extremes: either the person is amazing at everything and has no problems being in Middle-earth, joins the Fellowship, boinks a main character, and everything is perfect... or the person is completely helpless at non-modern life and would barely know what end of a sword to hold. They both have their places, but I wondered, "What if a couple went back together? What if they have modern technology on them, as almost anyone would? What if they have one or two skills that might help them survive, as many people would? And what if one of them is not white?" So I have set out to write this story.

Into Arda
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