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Grumpy Old Wizards (Chapter 1)

Hey, this is my first post to the group. I just joined, and I need someplace to put the chapters for this silly, irreverent fic that I came up with. I hope it follows the guidelines well enough, even though it's a RP "Making Of" fic about the filming of the first film trilogy rather than a story about the characters of Middle Earth. I've tried my best to research and replicate some things here and there for the sake of authenticity, so I hope I'm not accused of outright blasphemy. Enjoy!

Title: Grumpy Old Wizards (Chapter 1)
User: ghotifry
Rating: PG (Mild Language)
Characters: Sir Ian McKellen, (Sir) Christopher Lee, Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh
Word count: Approx. 1,593
Disclaimer: I don't have the rights to anything whatsoever, and none of this really happened. I just thought it was a funny idea, and I laughed while I was writing it. Hopefully I'll have more chapters done later.
Summary: The casting for the Lord Of the Rings movies has been set, and Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh speak to both wizards. Unfortunately, the two actors don't seem to get along very well,

Notes: Everyone has been coming up with tributes to Sir Christopher Lee since almost a month proir to this post, so I decided to make one out of this funny idea I had which is based on the film, Grumpy Old Men. I'm going to try my best to be as accurate and as sensitive as possible, but be warned: there will be satire.

Link: Chapter 1: A Long-Expected Role...
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